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My name is Xenia, a global citizen like many of you and a working mum of two kids. We regularly move home and have to make do with a furniture selection as each home is different.

This is a major hussle to me as I hate time-consuming shopping experience underlined by such phrases as “finding what you need that looks great” and “oh, my gosh, it can’t be that expensive, let’s find a cheaper alternative”. When living in London buying groceries, clothes and other amazonable stuff can be quite efficiently sorted out. But when it comes to buying furniture and bundling it all together with an elegant and practical designer home décor, there is no limit on hours spent on online browsing and in furniture stores. Unless you have a great imagination (3D grade with ability to maintain sizes and colours and textures and online connection to the database of beds or tables on sale) or paid quite a tangible amount of money for quality interior design services, the outcome can still be disappointing. The last time we moved, the shopping process took so much time and effort helplessness and desperation that the idea to create this website was born.

This website is not a typical home interior design photo gallery, which gives you interior design ideas but no guide how to implement these in your home and on a specific budget. ShopZlook gives you an easy and practical solution: each ‘look’ is a hassle-free ready-made design which fits the specified parameters of a client’s home which comes together with a total detailed budget and takes you directly via links to place where every single item in the picture could be purchased.

And on top of that you do not lose out on the price - our service is 100% free for you! You pay exactly the price given by the store. So, when you decide to buy the items in the ‘look’, you do so directly from the retailer’s website by clicking on the link in the ‘look’ description.

And as professional designers need also to “share the wisdom”, the ‘looks’ library is complemented by furniturepedia with practical advice on how to choose furniture to fit your lifestyle and many other home décor tips.

We wish you a happy browsing and easy shopping!